MitchellMitchell Ritchie is a street lawyer. The phrase, popularized by the novelist John Grisham, ably describes an attorney who has devoted his career to resolving the common disputes of the common man. Ritchie has spent over twenty years handling cases in bankruptcy, small claims, landlord and tenant, and local administrative boards. This experience, gleaned from a multitude of scenarios, has given him a wealth of experience in bringing hundreds of complaints to a successful conclusion.

Ritchie has maintained a concentration in the field of housing law- private and public landlord and tenant, foreclosure, and even a few code enforcement hearings. He began this track as a Legal Aid attorney, spending eight years in the county courts of northeast Florida. There Ritchie gained expertise in the informal administrative hearings conducted by the Jacksonville Housing Authority. Ritchie also appeared in numerous hearings before unemployment appeals referees. He has continued these interests in his solo practice in the Riverside area of Jacksonville. Based on these hundreds of cases arising from everyday disputes, Ritchie understands how to quickly and efficiently resolve legal matters within the bounds of the law.

For the rest, Ritchie graduated cum laude from the University of Florida and then obtained his law degree in 1992 from the same institution. He has been a featured speaker and trainer on some of the topics above mentioned. With all this in mind, Ritchie is well able to start or complete cases, clean or messy, for an affordable fee.

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