Our firm represents condominium associations and homeowners associations. Typically, these communities are interested in legal assistance with collections and enforcement of the declarations and covenants.


We provide an affordable service to notify homeowners of delinquent charges and liens recorded to collect unpaid assessments. This process must comply with Florida statutes in order to obtain a lien on the owner’s property. We also represent associations in foreclosing on the liens.


Associations use our services to enforce the community covenants regarding exterior appearance of a unit, the behavior of an occupant, etc. We provide legal assistance through mediation if required and through litigation in order to enjoin further violations of the covenants.

Other issues

Bank foreclosures– communities are often victims of delaying tactics used by banks in order to avoid taking title to a unit in foreclosure. We are prepared to assist communities in speeding the bank’s foreclosure in order to generate income to the association.

Bankruptcy– occasionally owners will file bankruptcy in order to avoid the association’s collection of unpaid assessments. Our firm can provide assistance in ensuring the association avoids unlawful collection actions and is properly represented in the bankruptcy court.

Maintenance– we have experience analyzing and advising communities on issues related to maintenance and casualty damage including water leaks.