Forceably removing tenants is a sad but necessary part of the rental business.  Our firm will give you an affordable, professional service to accomplish this goal.


A proper, legally worded notice is a requirement for starting any eviction.  Our firm can ensure that the notice will not be rejected by a court on a technicality.


We try to make evictions for nonpayment simple and swift.  Owners and managers are not asked to fill out our forms to prepare the eviction for filing with the courts.  We only require that you provide us with your forms and we will do the rest.

Lease Violations

We have experience in obtaining evictions for a wide array of lease violations- housekeeping, unauthorized occupants, drugs, violence, threats, pets, etc.  To obtain an eviction for lease violations, we will help you evaluate your case before filing the case.  We will prepare your witnesses for their testimony.  And importantly, we will appear in court on your behalf.

Subsidized Housing

We have plenty of experience handling issues related to HUD housing, Rural Housing, tax credit communities, and other subsidized developments.  We are prepared to assist you with difficult residents for a wide variety of infractions, from routine nonpayment cases to lease violations involving criminal behavior.

Housing Discrimination

Our firm has appeared in court and before administrative agencies in suits filed by tenants claiming housing discrimination.  It is important to protect your rights with informed legal guidance should you become involved in a Fair Housing lawsuit.


Occasionally a nonpaying tenant will file for bankruptcy protection as a means of remaining in possession.  Owners and managers then have the burden of complying with bankruptcy laws in order to remove the tenant.  Experienced advice on these occasions is often needed to avoid potential missteps that could lead to liability.